Caffè Gemelli


What is special about Caffè Gemelli?

Coffee has accompanied me and my twin brother all our lives. We worked for years to create perfect coffee blends. One day, when we found a perfect recipe with our Italian friends, the roasters Fabrizio and Corrado, and Caffè Gemelli was born.

What is our philosophy?

Caffè Gemelli contains only high quality coffee beans from the best growing areas in the world and is gently roasted in the land of coffee, Italy, by Fabrizio and Corrado using drum roasting. Not only the composition of the noble coffee beans makes Caffè Gemelli a pleasure, but also the long friendship we have with our Italian friends gives Caffè Gemelli the extra portion of AMORE.

Why do we do this?

With our friends Fabrizio and Conrado we always try to find the right screws to improve the coffee quality. We love to infect our friends with the topic of coffee, tell them stories and serve perfect Italian coffee enjoyment.

Caffè Gemelli